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Monday February 22

Storage Furniture Ideas for Your RV

The more furniture you place into your RV, the more limited the space—and the storage.…

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Monday February 22

Your Guide to RV Water Filters

Do you now where your RV water supply is coming from?

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Wednesday January 20

How To Shop for an Extended RV Warranty

Millions of people buy extended warranties every year—for toasters, computers, personal vehicles and, yes, recreational…

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Friday January 08

What Will 2021 Bring to RVing?

Whatever 2021 brings to all of us, more Americans appear ready to do their vacationing…

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Monday December 28

More RVers Going for Off-Grid Trailers

Off-the-grid RVs are making big inroads. More manufacturers are introducing off-grid, trail-capable trailers, and the…

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Monday December 14

RV Sales Rebound Strongly; Bigger Increase Expected in 2021

Recreational vehicle shipments in the U.S. were on track to recover solidly from depressed 2019…

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Wednesday November 18

Upgrading to an Electric Tongue Jack Is Easy!

If you bought a bare-bones travel trailer and plan to make improvements over time, here’s…

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Tuesday November 10

Should You Run a Generator on Propane?

Most RVers power a generator with gasoline, and a few with built-in units use diesel…

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Thursday October 22

This Year’s Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers

After what 2020 brought us all, maybe the best gift anyone could give during the…

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Wednesday October 28

So Many Ways To Use Velcro in Your RV

It’s a hook-and-loop fastener in generic terms, but the original brand name was Velcro and…

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Monday September 21

Fall Foliage Lasts a Long Time in Georgia

When’s the best time to see the fall foliage in Georgia? As we’ve learned here…

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Monday September 14

RV Water System Maintenance Tips

The fresh water system in an RV needs routine maintenance to stay healthy. It’s tempting…

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Tuesday August 25

Crossing Creeks RV Resort - A Great Place To Stay for North Georgia Bicycle Events!

Cyclists will pedal their way through challenging bicycle rides and races from mid-September through the…

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Tuesday August 04

A Pocket Guide to Towables

Motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, the list goes on... The world of RVs goes far…

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Monday July 13

A Decade of RV Industry Data Coming Alive!

Each year there are thousands of new motorhomes and campers of all types that hit…

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Friday July 10

Avoiding Flash Floods While Camping

Flash floods are a very real threat to RVers. You just need to know where…

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Friday June 26

Should I Buy a Thermoelectric Cooler for My RV?

Sometimes you can’t get around the need for a bigger refrigerator in your motorhome or…

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Wednesday June 10

Tow Vehicle and Motorhome Maintenance

Your tow vehicle and motorhome have a mechanical maintenance list aside from the items to…

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Tuesday May 19

Where to Hunt for Gold, Rubies, Other Gemstones in North Georgia

The days of striking it rich by prospecting for gold and gems in Georgia are…

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Tuesday May 19

Upgrading Your RV Speakers—Wirelessly!

Even if your RV is relatively high end, chances are that the speakers in its…

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Tuesday April 28

How To Clean Your RV Living Area of Coronavirus Pathogens

With coronavirus pathogens still present across America, keeping the living area of your RV disinfected…

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Tuesday April 28

Disinfecting Your Motorhome Cockpit and Tow Vehicle Interior

For RVers still on the road, it’s important to keep the cockpit of your motorhome…

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Monday March 23

Tips for Solving Your RV Laundry Needs

Laundry day in the RV can be especially trying: Lug all your clothes and hoarded…

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Wednesday March 11

Trailer Tires: ST or LT?

Don’t undersell the importance of the trailer tires you choose. It all rides on those…

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Friday February 21

Portable Lithium Batteries Add Storage, Convenience

If you live largely on solar when you’re off grid, and even if you rely…

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Friday February 21

Spring is a Good Time for Maintaining a Rubber Roof

Some RVers think of rubber roofs as inferior to aluminum or fiberglass roofs, but the…

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Friday January 24

Mountain Events Near Crossing Creeks Begin in March

Enough winter, already. Let’s start planning for spring and some things you can do in…

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Friday January 24

Composting Toilets Eliminate Black Tank Mess

If you really hate emptying the black tank on your RV, consider switching to a…

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Thursday December 19

Safely Storing RV House Batteries

If you’re putting your RV away for the winter—or already have—make sure your house batteries…

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Friday December 27

RV Window Insulation Guide

Windows are a major source of cold air in a heated travel trailer or motorhome,…

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Friday December 13

Fireplaces for Your RV

Furnaces keep you warm inside your RV on cool nights—and cold ones—but they’re not much…

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Wednesday November 27

When Your RV Needs Traction Devices

It’s not unusual when driving in mountainous areas during winter to see a sign warning…

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Friday November 22

4 Helpful Gadgets for RVers

New things come along all the time aimed at the RV market. Some are worthless,…

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Thursday October 31

Flashlights for RVers

Portable lights are invaluable to RVers when hitting the trail, relaxing outside the RV, responding…

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Thursday October 31

Would Private Management Solve U.S. Parks $12 Billion Maintenance Shortfall?

We all know the price that’s paid for deferred maintenance. You delay oil changes to…

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Friday October 25

Guide to Wood-Burning Stoves for RVs

If you miss curling up by the fire on a cold fall or winter’s evening…

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Friday September 27

Preventing Top RV Accident Causes

If you look at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s leading causes of RV accidents,…

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Friday September 27

Portable RV Generators Are a Hot Item!

It may seem sacrilegious to some RVers not to have an onboard, integrated generator, but…

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Monday September 09

Rodent Problems in Your Motorhome?

Rats! Something is chewing the wiring on RVs, tow vehicles and dinghies! Yes, rats, quite…

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Thursday August 29

Handling Motorhome Tire Blowouts

If you’re an RV owner who experiences a tire blowout at highway speed, it probably…

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Thursday August 22

New Locks Are Key to RV Security

CH751. Ring a bell? It’s probably stamped on the key to the storage compartments on…

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Wednesday August 28

Hauling a Motorcycle with Your RV

Motorcycles are a valid local transportation alternative to four-down towing. Dinghy towing is becoming more…

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Wednesday July 31

14 Things To Consider If You’re Thinking of RVing with a Dog

You know if you’re a “dog person” or not. So do dogs, usually. They’re often…

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Friday July 26

Finding The Internet While On The Road

Being connected is how we live. We go online to get directions, do our banking,…

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Monday July 01

Adding a Backup Camera

Older RVs and tow vehicles may lack some of the newest electronic accessories, including one…

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Wednesday July 03

Finding Free and Cheap Overnight RV Parking

RVers are always looking for free overnight parking to save a few bucks. There are…

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Friday June 28

Old Technology That’s Still Useful in an RV

We all love the latest gadgets, and more importantly, what they can do for us.…

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Friday June 07

Dinghy Towing Requires A Careful Choice

Having a vehicle smaller than your motorhome at the ready when you’re set up at…

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Thursday June 06

How To Preserve RV Tires

Many factors that influence tire replacement on an RV are identical to those for other…

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Thursday June 06

Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruiz-In, Georgia Mountain Fair Coming in July

There’s a lot to like about the 2019 Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruiz-In, July 11-13 at…

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Friday May 03

Replacing RV Weather Strips

RV weather seals—also called gaskets or weather stripping—are as important in warm weather as in…

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Friday May 03

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Expensive, But More Efficient, Longer-Lasting

Lithium Ion batteries, or Li-ion, are a very real upgrade as deep-cycle batteries in your…

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Friday May 03

RVing Saves Vacationers Money, Study Shows

If you wanted to, you could stuff a lot of money into a camper. And…

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Tuesday April 02

Adding TPMS to RV, Tow Vehicle Boosts Safety

If your tow vehicle, motorhome or trailer lacks a tire pressure monitoring system, commonly referred…

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Thursday March 28

American Campers get Younger, More Ethnically Diverse

More Americans went camping last year, even with many traditional campers giving up on the…

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Monday April 01

Small RVs Gain New Popularity

Smaller RVs are becoming more popular as RV ownership hits new heights and attracts younger…

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Tuesday April 02

National Parks and RVs

Can you take your RV into a national park and use it to camp? Yes,…

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Thursday March 07

Upgrade RV Roof Fans To Boost Ventilation

Many standard RV fans are modest performers. Fortunately fans come in standardized sizes, making it…

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Thursday March 07

On the Set: Movie and TV Productions in Georgia

The “Walking Dead” TV show, all of Tyler Perry’s productions, the next Avengers movie and…

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Thursday March 07

So, You Want To Be in a Georgia-Filmed Movie

The Crossing Creeks RV Resort & Spa blog isn’t likely to make you a star,…

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Thursday March 07

Is It Time for an RV Thermostat Upgrade?

Coming home to—or waking up to—a comfortable RV is fairly easy to accomplish, and quite…

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Friday February 08

Replacing RV Floor Covering

If your RV interior is starting to show its age, especially but not necessarily only…

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Wednesday January 23

Motorhome Leak Prevention, Identification and Repair Steps

When water gets inside an RV, the problems it causes are a lot bigger than…

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Tuesday February 05

Georgia Tiny House Festival

Tiny houses are all the rage. One-bedroom and even no-bedroom homes with all the amenities…

4300 hits

Wednesday January 30

Crossing Creeks RV Resort Mileposts: So Many Places To Go

If you need a few reasons to stay at Crossing Creeks RV Resort & Spa,…

3352 hits

Tuesday January 08

RV Party Tips for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is in Atlanta on Feb. 3, and although the Falcons won’t be…

2887 hits

Friday January 04

Great Model Railroad Displays To Visit In Georgia

All aboard! Next stop: winter and spring fun at model railroad displays round the state…

6421 hits

Tuesday November 27

Atlanta Camping and RV Show Coming Soon

Have you ever walked into an RV showroom and thought, “If only this showroom were…

3438 hits

Tuesday November 27

Dressing Your RV for the Holidays

Ready to get your RV into the holiday spirit? Here are some ideas. It’s easy…

3892 hits

Friday October 26

Christmas Made in the South: Multi-City Holiday Craft Show

If you’re looking for a holiday decoration stamped with the words “Made in China,” you…

3450 hits

Wednesday October 24

Going North or West with Your RV? Be Prepared for Snow

If you’re planning to venture into colder climes with your RV for some winter camping,…

3430 hits

Tuesday September 25

It’s Peanut Harvest Season in Georgia

If you think Georgia runners are tailbacks who gain a lot of yardage for the…

15920 hits

Monday September 17

In Search of Georgia’s Ghosts

You can sit around a campfire and tell ghost stories for Halloween. Or you can…

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Thursday August 30

Team Tailgate Gear for a Winning Party

Football season is upon us, and that means tailgates are as common as touchdowns. Whether…

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Wednesday August 29

Removing Bug Splatter From Your RV

Bug splatter is a real problem with summer and fall driving, and the longer you…

8042 hits

Monday July 16

Outdoor Kitchens for Your RV

If you want to cook outside the RV—and let’s face it, that’s what most RVers…

9943 hits

Thursday July 19

Changing, Recycling RV Fluids

Any RV has fluids that need to be changed periodically and disposed of properly. Fluid…

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Monday July 30

Georgia Fairs Entertain through September, October

Here come Georgia’s fall fairs. No two are alike, and all present great travel opportunities…

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Monday June 25

Down on the Farm

So, you like to eat, do you? Fruit juice, eggs and bacon for breakfast. Cream…

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