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Monday, 10 August 2015 16:41

Exotic RV Photo Gallery

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Here is a great collection of exotic RVs, campers, 5th wheels, and even a few old vans that we think you will get a kick out of. Many of these are uniquely small or outragiously big, but they all have one thing in common - the owners love living the road life.

Terra Wind Amphibious Motor Coach img2 544px

This RV from Terrawind deploys two pontoons that make it worthy of the high seas. It is capable of traveling at 80mph on the highways and 7 knots on water.



This vehicle from Action Mobil was originally used for carrying missles, now it is one of the world's largest motorhomes. It sports a 600 hp engine and weighs approx. 30 tons.


early fiver2

Take a ride in this red throwback to the first half of the 20th century.



A cabin on wheels traveling through Yosemite National Park.


RV Made From Jet

This owner transformed a real Boeing 727 fuselage into a road-worthy RV.


bus cabin

Home Sweet Home!


marchi mobile

A next-generation motorhome made by Marchi Mobile.


extreme rvs 201 004

The Earth Roamer... perhaps one of the greatest hunting/camping vehicles on the market.



Feel free to just insert your own caption here.


fire truck rv ext 2

An A+ job of turning a firetruck into a motorhome.



This motorhome; capable of time travel, traveled here through a wormhole directly from the year 1982.


hedge rv quinnums 702018 702049

If any RVers at Crossing Creeks have some hedge trimmers and want to have a go at it, this is where the bar has been set. Good Luck!


airstreamhearse 700

When he said "This woman is going to drive me to my grave", he really meant it.


kiravan terrestrial spaceship 13746

The Kiravan. Yes, it is real, and yes, it is awesome. See the details here - Kiravan


2924776669 2a603688d8 b

Bob Villa eat your heart out.


75 6

The official Coca Cola RV. This is just one of 5 that were made for a promotional giveaway in 1977.


camper bike1 f4qo6 24702 300x199

There are rumors that this is not a bicycle-drawn home, but rather this man's own personal luxury Porta Potty that he insists on bringing with him everywhere.


model t

Double Chop!



Not available in stores. In great condition, only needs an oil change, new brakes, and 17 more fire extinguishers.



You might call this a motorhome, we are calling it a bird ramp.



Anyone care to guess what type of vehicle this was when it started its life?


29772d1266342830 ultimate camping vehicle motorhome zero south builds biodiesel hummer monster truck tracks

Forget about the "Earth Roamer" that we showed you above. This vehicle can roam anywhere it wants, it is not limited to the planet earth like the rest of these whimpy RVs.


60440d1332522207 doomsday prepping your 4runner unimog rv

Another off-road RV from Action Mobil.



The ideal trackday RV.


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