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Tuesday, 05 February 2019 18:39

Georgia Tiny House Festival Featured

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Tiny houses are all the rage. One-bedroom and even no-bedroom homes with all the amenities of home—but a fraction as big—are the darlings of shelter magazines, lifestyle websites and TV feature shows.

And you have to admit, they’re pretty neat. Don’t take our word for it; check out diminutive domiciles at the 2019 Georgia Tiny House Festival in Macon, GA, one of the biggest and best-attended festivals of its kind in the country. The show site this year is bigger, at Central City Park in Macon, GA, a little over three hours from Crossing Creeks RV Resort and Spa.

The show runs from 9 a.m., Friday, March 1, to 5 p.m., Sunday, March 3.

All for Charity

The Georgia Tiny House Festival, presented by the United Tiny House Association, Eatonton, GA, is in its fourth year. The primary purpose is to spread the word about the benefits of and choices in small housing. Proceeds from the show, which charges admission to attendees age 13 and older, helps local charities. Children 12 and under and military/first responders, past and present, enter free. Seniors receive half-off at the gate.

Everyone gets in free at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 1.

Primitive RV campsites are available for either one night or two, in either small (10x20 feet) or large (20x40 feet) configurations. You will be boondocking; be prepared.

Details below.

What’s a Tiny House?

A tiny house, depending on the unit, can serve for off-grid living, on-grid living, wilderness living, or urban living, according to the Tiny House Association.

Some tiny houses—think destination trailers—are built on chassis and have wheels and tires for towing. They may resemble traditional travel trailers, small cabins or cottages. Destination RVs have plumbing and electrical hookups just like more conventional RVs. Some also are set up for boondocking. Destination trailers are well-appointed, typically with a living/dining room, possibly with sleeper sofas in the living room, kitchen with full-size refrigerator/freezer, bath, laundry and queen-size bedroom. Some have a second bedroom or stairs to a loft bedroom suitable mostly for children. Many have small porches.

Destination trailers are just that: trailers best used at one site you may rent long-term or own, such as at Crossing Creeks. (Not all examples will be allowed in to all facilities, so check with management before you buy.)

Many Shapes, Sizes

Tiny houses come in many more shapes and styles. Some are factory-built and intended for permanent onsite use, with connections for well pumps and onsite sewerage. Others are conversions of things as widely divergent as shipping containers and school buses. If you’re laughing at the thought of shipping containers, you’ll be interested to know that some conversions are so high-end that they make it onto the pages of slick architectural publications.

At the 2018 Georgia festival, which was the world’s third-largest event displaying tiny houses of all types, 92 tiny houses were on display. That number is expected to grow this year. The tiny houses on display are open to tours, including some that are lived in full-time but are shared for three days with the curious.

School Bus Conversions

Converting school buses has become so popular that the show’s workshop on the subject is sold out. Keep the workshop in mind for next year. Even if you don’t want to convert a school bus, a type of RV that some parks don’t allow, what it teaches about electricals, structure, plumbing, cabinetry and furniture-making is valuable to many RV owners looking to do some of their own maintenance and improvement.

Workshops, Talks

Admission includes talks and workshops by people who’ve studied small houses, manufacture them or live in them. These events are scheduled daily.

2019 Georgia Tiny House Festival

  • Venue: Central City Park, 115 Willie Smokie Glover Drive, Macon, GA 31201.
  • Dates: Friday, March 1-Sunday, March 3, 2019.
  • Hours: Friday, Saturday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sunday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Cost:
  • Friday, 12-4 p.m., $10, age 13 and older.
  • Friday, 5-8 p.m., free all ages.
  • Saturday or Sunday, $20 at the gate, age 13 and older; seniors, half off
    at the gate.
  • Saturday and Sunday combo: $35 at the gate, includes admission both days, age 13 and older.
  • Discount tickets: online in advance until Feb. 28, 2019; Saturday or Sunday, age 13 and older, $15; Saturday and Sunday, $30.
    Free admission, all times: Age 12 and under; active/retired/discharged military, law enforcement, and on-scene first-responders with valid photo ID
    Dry campsites: Limited number, available in advance online: small, 10x20 feet, Saturday night only, $27.37; small, 10x20 feet, Friday and Saturday nights, $48.47; large, 20x40 feet, Saturday night only, $43.19; large, 20x40 feet, Friday and Saturday nights, $80.12; up to six people per trailer, each must have event ticket age 13 and older
    Directions: Macon Central City Park is just over a 3-hour drive from Crossing Creeks RV Resort and Spa
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