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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 21:15

Must-Have Tech Gadgets for the RV

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Whether you are an old hand or a novice looking up possibilities, RV adventuring is greatly enhanced with the aid of a few smart gadgets.

1) Mobile Hotspot - Staying connected while traveling the country is important to most RVers. A mobile hotspot allows you not only to stay in touch with family, keep up on news, and research future destinations - it also helps you network with other RVers, a vital resource for information about places you are headed. Coffee shops and diners do occasionally offer free wifi, but relying on that will leave you frustrated quickly. Verizon has the best coverage nationwide and offers this Verizon Jetpack MiFi capable of providing web access to up to 15 devices in 4G & 3G covered areas.

2) Cell Signal Booster - When camping out in remote locations, even the best mobile hotspot may not be able to provide you a signal. You still need a way to keep in touch with the outside world - whether you need to call and check in with family or get in touch with a mechanic, having a way to communicate is important. This Wilson Electronics booster works with all major carriers once registered and boosts the signal.

3) Wireless Weather Station - Relying on the weatherman may not work well for the RVer. Quite often, information is distributed for major population centers. Not the remote locations RVers tend to gravitate towards. Get accurate data on wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, head index, wind chill, temperature and more for your exact location with the 5-1 Color Weather Station from Acurite.

4) Portable and Mini Solar - Fully installed solar panels are often a bit excessive for even full-time RVers, but portable solar panels can hit the sweet spot and provide easy-to-use kits with an affordable price tag. Mini solar chargers can help provide a quick zap to USB-powered electronics - these are designed to hang out in a window. Check out Zamp Solar for a great portable kit and this Solio Bolt Solar Charger for a mini solar unit.

5) GoPro Camera - The RV lifestyle includes plenty of adventure. Create more permanent memories with a GoPro. Whatever the pace or style of your explorations, GoPro has a gadget, accessory, or feature for you. Check out options ranging from water-resistant surf mode options to drone and dirt bike ready mini cams on the GoPro site.

6) RV-focused GPS - Why not just use the GPS on your phone? Because RVers need to know about bridge height, hill grades, tight corners, and weather warnings. These gadgets will guide RVers to a safe route with clear warnings and delays, plus provide easy log and checklists and other features focused on need-to-know info for the serious RVer. This Rand McNally version even offers a backup. camera and lifetime map support.

7) Pocket Library - Otherwise known as an e-reader. Pick your poison - Kindle, Nook, or a lightweight tablet with apps installed. Lightweight and with little power requirements, these readers allow you to cart a library around where ever you happen to be. If you are a frugal traveler, you can find plenty of great classics and modern novels available free of charge in e-reader format.

8) Oxygenic Body Spa Shower Head - You need to be water conscious in an RV, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice luxury. This smart shower head offers an extended hose and impressive water pressure for a satisfying shower even from the confines of your RV - all without sacrificing water conservation. Well-loved by RV adventurer's all over.

9) LED & Solar-Powered Lighting - Reduce heat, reduce power consumption, and save cash on replacement bulbs. These are incredibly handy within an RV. Replace all existing socketed bulbs with LED versions and pick up a few portable, stickable LED lights to brighten up pathways or tight areas that don't regularly require light. You may also think about snagging a few outdoor solar lights like this elegant version from Nokero, offering plenty of light in a hangable package.

10) Universal Laptop Charger AC/DC - Laptops need juice. A lot of it. This universal charger lets you take advantage of every opportunity to power them up sensibly. While boondocking, the 12-volt DC charger uses less power than an inverted 120 volt, giving you more time before you need to run the generator. While driving, you can take advantage of your inverter to charge the laptop without resorting to the house batteries. As an added bonus, this Targus version allows you to charge most cell phones, cameras, and tablets as well.

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