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Monday, 06 November 2017 14:56

Sliding Cargo Trays Offer Versatility, Access

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Slideouts that enlarge an interior room on your motorhome or trailer are almost a requirement these days, but there’s another kind of slideout that makes RV living easier: a sliding cargo tray for an external storage space.

A sliding cargo tray is so convenient you’ll wonder why you went without one.

A storage tray pulls out on rollers and what looks like a pair of giant drawer glides. Once it’s fully extended, the pullout provides unimaginably easy access to whatever it’s holding. There is the tradeoff: Better access will cost you a little storage volume.

RV cargo TRay MORyde

Sliding cargo trays come in different materials, sizes and strengths. They are sized for small cubbies, your RV’s largest external storage area, or cargo holds in between. With the variety of sizes, you can put a slider in half of your biggest storage area and leave the other part without one.

Put whatever you want on a slider, especially if it’s one of the heavy-duty models. The common-sense approach is to put frequently used articles on the slider, while leaving seldom-used items on a stationary surface. So, things like outdoor picnic tables and convenience tables, chairs and grills can go on the slider because they’re coming out almost as soon as you park and level off.

RV battery tray Kwikee rvupgrades

Sliders can ease maintenance. Battery arrays, your generator or an inverter can be placed on a slider, which makes troubleshooting a breeze. You may have to replace standard cables with longer examples so that they will not restrict the sliding action.

You can actually mount a gas grill and use the slider as a pullout cooking station. Think of the fold-down grills that are all the rage on new Class A and Class C motorhomes. Some have the grill only, others the grill and a flat work surface on one or both sides, and some a sink.

A grill mounted to a slider may not be as fancy, but it can be as functional. Metal sliders are the material of choice for grill-mounting. Full-width sliders allow space for cooking utensils, spices, sauces and plates in addition to the grill. You could also mount a small refrigerator/freezer next to your grill.

The nice thing is that you don’t have to lift the grill into place repeatedly; just mount it to the sliding tray once and pull it out for use, then slide it back after cleaning. Measure the height, mount a wooden table or box, then the grill to that surface. Without the need to lift your grill repeatedly, you just might be tempted to get a more elaborate grill that you once thought too impractical.

Small items are best placed in handled plastic tubs to keep them from scattering during travel. Just slide out the tray, lift out the tub and carry the contents to the spot where they’re needed. A good example is all of your cleaning products, including a rolled up hose and brushes.

You can buy sliders at RV dealers, or just slide over to your computer and order online. Expect to pay $250 to $750, depending on size and quality. If you’re handy, you can also buy materials and build one yourself. Find glides at the same sites that sell the finished products.

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