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Friday, 28 June 2019 18:34

Old Technology That’s Still Useful in an RV Featured

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We all love the latest gadgets, and more importantly, what they can do for us. Few of us want to live without cell phones, GPS-based directions or rechargeable devices.

There are, however, a few examples of old technology that remain useful in an RV. 

Duct Tape

Now, some of you may think of duct tape as the greatest invention of all time. That’s probably the wheel, but the silvery adhesive aid is one simple, inexpensive, versatile invention. It’s great to have a roll on hand.

And why not? In World War II, this water-resistant, strong tape was used to keep ammo dry by sealing ammunition boxes. When the Apollo XIII moon mission was crippled by an explosion, it sealed up the makeshift oxygen system that astronauts cobbled together and helped to save their lives. Anything that helped win the world’s biggest war and bring three endangered astronauts back from the dark side of moon has merit.

You’ll appreciate duct tape if a piece of trim comes loose and you want to keep it from flapping as you drive. And you’ll thank the stars that you have a roll if a fender bender has your bumper cover dragging. (People have held bumper covers up for months with duct tape.) It will also at least slow a hose leak.

You also may want to buy a role of quality gaffer’s tape, which is used on movie sets. It’s cloth-backed but unlike duct tape has no plastic backing for water resistance. Gaffer’s tape, which delivers a strong bond, leaves no or reduced residue, making it great for interior use.

Bungee Cords

Like duct tape, bungee cords are great in a pinch. The elastic cords, with metal or plastic hooks on the ends, come in different thicknesses and lengths.

A carefully installed bungee cord also will hold up that bumper cover. It will keep cabinet doors closed when a latch beaks. A bungee cord will secure bikes to a rack and stop that annoying rattle from a loose item in your storage area. We personally know of a case where a tiny bungee held a loose cover to the master cylinder of a poorly maintained rental truck for the length of an interstate move. Buy multiple sizes so you’ll find a cord for whatever pops up, so to speak.   

CB Radio

The days of relying on a CB radio for directions, traffic conditions and plain old chatter are long gone.

But CB radios—that’s Citizens Band, for the uninitiated—can be a useful emergency tool. Most police no longer monitor CB transmissions for emergency calls, but those that do still listen to Channel 9 are probably in remote rural areas. If you’re trying to deal with a flat tire where there’s no cell tower, a CB radio may do the trick.

Paper Map

Electronics rule where road maps once were king. But the accordion-fold paper map, spread out across your table at the local diner, or a good road atlas will give you the big picture one heck of a lot better than your tiny cell phone screen will. And where there are sporadic or no cell phone signals, a paper map is all you’ve got. It’s cheap and takes little space. Keep one handy.

Alkaline Batteries

Throw-away batteries are passé, but in an emergency, they can be a godsend. For one thing, they’ll last longer than the power in a rechargeable flashlight. If a mechanical issue prevents recharging, a flashlight with a couple of long-lasting alkalines will keep you going—just like that bunny on TV.

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