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Thursday, 11 February 2016 17:11

The Benefits of Owning an RV Space vs. Renting

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Ask some travelers who own an RV and they will tell you that there is no greater feeling than being able to see the country on a whim because traveling with an RV just simplifies everything. You don't have to look into expensive hotel stays or be concerned with finding affordable eateries. However, there is one key to making RV travel even more simplified and that is purchasing an RV space. While some RVers swear by renting spaces at their favorite parks, many prefer to have a stable place to land when they get to a desirable destination. If buying an RV space is an idea that you are considering, you should get familiar with the benefits of investing in a space compared to renting.

1. Save money on overall costs in the long term.

When you make the decision to purchase an RV space, you make one investment and that one investment prevents further costs that you would normally incur if you were renting. Your space will eventually pay for itself and traveling in your RV will become a less costly endeavor.

2. Your RV space becomes an investment opportunity that yields you a return.

Making the choice to buy an RV space is financially sound for more than just one reason. Not only do you eliminate ongoing costs of renting a space when you decide to travel, but at Crossing Creeks you can also rent the space out to fellow RV owners when you are not using it. So buying a space can actually be an investment that yields you some return, especially if the space you buy is in a desirable RV park or location. 

3. Get the full convenience of on-site storage.

As the owner of an RV space, any storage buildings on the lot become your own. This can be incredibly useful because the building can be used to stow away some of the items that you would normally use while you are in a specific location and not take up valuable space in your RV. For example, you can use your space at Crossing Creeks to store fishing gear that you might not want to trek around the country. You can keep your gear and tackle tucked away in the on-site storage area all year long.

4. Your RV space becomes more like home.

When you rely on renting an RV space, you never know what area of a park you will be in when you return for a visit or even who your neighbors may be. Buying an RV space means that every time you return to a specific park, you will know just what location you are going to. The space will start to feel a lot more like home and you will likely encounter a lot of the same returning neighbors year after year who have also purchased a space. This gives you the opportunity to be part of an RV community with familiar faces in a place that you know well.

5. You will no longer have to deal with RV reservations.

Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of owning your own RV space is the fact that you can travel on a whim, without the concern of making reservations in advance. With your own spot, any chance that you get to take a trip, whether it is just for a weekend or a full month, you can go without worry that you will not have a place to park your RV once you arrive.

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