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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 14:22

Mail Solutions for RVers

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We make getting your mail easy at Crossing Creeks, but the RV life isn't as easy you are on the road traveling elsewhere. All of the lot owners here have a mailbox at the kiosk, and both Fedex and UPS can deliver right to your RV space. Most of our owners just have their mail forwarded through the postal system while they are staying here, but there are a few other options listed below that you might not have known about.

Traditional Postal Forwarding

mailboxThe US Postal Service will forward your mail to any address you request. However, this is a very cut and dry service which does not offer any flexibility in which items get forwarded. Some modern mail forwarding services give you the option to discard certain items before forwarding.

Renting Boxes at Local Stores

This is an option for some people who plan to stay in a certain area for a while with their RV. However, this option can get expensive and of course will require trips to the store whenever you want to pick up your mail. The other downside to this option is that a post office box is not always viewed as a legal address. You can find options like this being offered through the USPS, UPS, and FEDEX. In Blairsville we have Blairsville Pack & Ship; an official hub for both FEDEX and UPS.

Virtual Mail Forwarding Services

The best solution for solving the mail problem while RVing is to incorporate the help of a professional mail forwarding service. A mail forwarding service will receive your mail and then forward to any address you wish. In most instances these companies have systems in place so that you can view your mail online and then decide if you would like to have it forwarded or destroyed. In most cases you only pay for the mail you choose to have forwarded, although each company has their own plans and policies concerning price. Here are a few professional mail forwarding services for you to consider.

Earth Class Mail | Visit Website

This particular company offers many affordable plans depending on your mail needs. Earth Class Mail will allow you to view your mail items online and then decide if you would like items opened and scanned, delivered to you, or immediately shredded. In addition to this, Earth Class Mail also offers check depositing services so that live checks you receive through the mail can be digitally deposited into your bank. Earth Class Mail has been offering mail forwarding services since 2006.

Escapees RV Club | Visit Website

The Escapees RV Club offers mail forwarding services, along with so much more. This RV support club helps RVers all over the country strategize and simplify their RV lifestyle. One of their most vital services is mail forwarding. Escapees offers different leveled packages depending on your mail forwarding needs. Their simple and straight-forward system is easy to understand and navigate. It is important to understand that this mail service offers more than simply forwarding all mail received under your name. Escapees mail forwarding allows you to have the ultimate control over which mail items you receive while on the road and which items will be shredded and discarded.

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