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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 18:57

Spring RV Checklist - Time to Dewinterize Your Motorhome

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Are you getting ready to pull your RV out of storage for the season? Here is a useful checklist that you can use to ensure that your motorhome is in top condition and safe to hit the road again.


  1. Plug everything back in that was unplugged for storage.
  2. Check all breakers and fuses, resetting anything that was altered for winter storage.
  3. Un-tape or open any vents that were sealed for the winter.
  4. Check all interior lights and exterior headlights, taillights, running lights.
  5. Lubricate all hinges.
  6. Inspect all seams, vents, windows for water damage and reseal as necessary. This includes inspecting the roof.
  7. Engine maintenance as per manufacturer instructions (change oil, check fluid levels etc).


  1. Test LP gas detector, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and check fire extinguisher.
  2. Check your tires for any bulges, dry rot, irregularities. Check tread depth, PSI, manufacturer date. The rubber in your tires will degrade over time even if the tires are not being driven on. See your tire manufacturer's specifications to find out when you should replace tires regardless of tread depth.
  3. Clean out burner area for utility power.
  4. Test all GFI or GFCI outlets. Each GFI or GFCI outlet has a "test" button and a "reset" button. When you test the outlet, all of the power to that outlet (or to all outlets if it is a GFCI) should be cut off.
  5. Check windshield wiper blades and test.


Test all systems…

  1. Fresh water system - sanitize, flush and drain, refill, add freshener. Run under pressure and check for leaks.
  2. Waste water system - flush and drain tanks, add chemicals, inspect seals.
  3. Check awning function and clean if necessary.
  4. Liquified petroleum (LP) - connect regulator assembly, inspect tanks. A leak test and pressure test can be performed by a professional.
  5. Water heater - uncover vents.
  6. Furnace - uncover intake and exhaust vents.
  7. Refrigerator - uncover vents, test in electric mode. Open refrigerator door and air out. Test again in gas mode.
  8. Generator - change oil and replace filters.
  9. Batteries - re-install any dry cell batteries if removed, clean contacts, check electrolyte levels.
  10. 120V AC system - test shoreline cord, clean contacts.
  11. Test hydraulic jacks and check hydraulic fluid levels.
  12. Lubricate the electronic door step.
  13. Test slideouts if you have them to make sure that they are working.
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