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If you’ll be at Crossing Creeks RV Resort & Spa the afternoon of Monday, Aug. 21, you’re in for some spectacular entertainment — a rare total solar eclipse.

Just about anyone in the United States will be able to see at least a partial eclipse if there’s no cloud cover. But only people in a 70-mile-wide swath from Oregon to South Carolina will be able to see the eclipse in its totality. Blairsville, Ga., home of Crossing Creeks, lies within that path.

The eclipse, from partial through full and then again through partial stages, will last up to 3 hours. It will begin about 1:07 p.m. It will reach totality about 2:37 p.m., making it look as if nightfall has arrived. You may not want to miss it: A total solar eclipse won’t be visible again in northern Georgia until 2078.

eclipse glasses NASA

But be careful how you view the eclipse. I found information on safe viewing from the people who know a thing or two about heavenly bodies: NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA says it’s safe to view the eclipse with the naked eye only in its total stage. The total eclipse — when the sun appears to be a black sphere surrounded by a bright aura — will last a mere 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Looking directly at the stages before and after the total stage can injure your eyes.

NASA recommends using eclipse safety glasses. These solar filters, held together by cardboard frames, are sold online and in discount stores for $4 to $5. Eclipse glasses meet the ISO 12312-2 international standard. The American Astronomical Society, part of the National Science Foundation, says the following manufacturers make certified eclipse safety glasses: American Paper Optics, Baader Planetarium (AstroSolar Silver/Gold film only), Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical, and TSE 17.

Make sure the glasses have no scratches or holes. Put them on before glancing at the sun, NASA suggests. Look away from the sun before removing them.

Warning:  Normal sunglasses, no matter how dark, are not safe for viewing the eclipse. Even dark ski goggles are not safe. And NASA warns not to look directly though a camera or telescope unless equipped with properly fitting solar filters.

Here are two ways to watch indirectly:

  • Get two sheets of heavy white paper. In one, punch a pinhole. With your back to the sun, hold the sheet with the hole up to the sun. Hold the second sheet so the light shines through the hole, hitting the solid sheet. You will see a real-time image of the sun on the solid paper.
  • Use your hands to form a cross hatch, with tiny spaces between your fingers. With your back to the sun, hold them up so the sun’s rays shine through. A multiple image of the sun — and the eclipse — will form where the shadow of your hands falls. Look at the images, not directly at the sun.

You don’t need to climb up on your RV to see this show. There are air conditioning units, luggage racks and solar panels up there, and it’s a long, dangerous way down if you fall. You’re safer on the ground, unless your RV is set up to handle rooftop sitting.

Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 18:55

Online Resources for RV Lovers

If you’re having a hard time looking around the web for a certain RV topic or solution and not finding what you’re searching for, you may want to check this list.

We created a list of the top 4 online resources where to find more information or tips to better enjoy your RV life.

RV Park Reviews

If you’re trying to compare one RV park or another and you can't find enough reviews online, this is the perfect website for your needs. With a very simple interface, you can pick the location and select the parks from the list. The reviews should be mostly accurate, but be sure to give more credence to the parks that have more reviews. This makes sure there is less manipulation by the owners. Then you can pick the best RV park for your next trip.

Mile by Mile Road Trip Planner

If you’re like most RV'ers and you like to plan the trip step by step ahead of time, you want to check this website. With more than 1,700 printable and downloadable highway guides it can help you study the fastest route and points along the route. It's always nice to have a printed map on hand if you don’t have a GPS or your go offline with no reception.


If you’re looking for the most comprehensive guide to Federal, State, Provincial and Local campgrounds this is the best website you can find. It covers all the 13,000 US and Canada public campgrounds with accurate details for each. Also, it’s very easy to use as the website is based on an interactive map showing all the camps and with a simple explanation next to it.

TV Fool

Are you one of those people that can’t live without knowing which movie is coming on next? Well, we have a website for you. Here you can find a tool to analyze your location and it tells you which broadcasters are transmitting locally, which direction you should point the antenna, how strong is the signal in your area and the list of available channels. A great resource that moves with you.


Wednesday, 05 July 2017 18:53

Top 5 Upgrades for your RV

If you just purchased a new RV and you’re enjoying your time on the road but you feel that something is missing, well you may want to think about an upgrade.

When you’re on the road for a long time, you just start feeling that you're missing creature comforts from home. We made a list for you of the best 10 upgrades you may want to consider to make the RV experience more enjoyable.

Extra Battery Capacity

This upgrade may not be seen as important but imagine yourself excited for a new excursion to a National Park but with no electric hookups near the area. If you’re considering staying at an RV Park you can leave in the morning and be back in the evening but if you want to stay out exploring for few days, you really need some extra power. This can be accomplished by purchasing extra batteries and linking them to your power supply system As an alternative you can also install a solar battery charging system to the vehicle.

Vent Fan

Driving in the sun all day can get hot, even with the AC pumping. If the sun is beating down on you it can be even worse. In addition, the RV may retain the smell of a recently cooked meal or even the smell of your wonderful pets. A roof vent fan is the simple solution. There are many options in terms of price, size, and complexity. The most well known brand is Maxxair.

TV Signal Booster

If you really don’t want to miss your favorite tv show while on the road and you’re worried about the constant weak reception of your current antenna, you may want to consider a signal booster. It can help you increase the signal strength, the channel reception, and the image quality. The Wingard Wingman Booster is our choice as it’s easy to install and it works immediately.

Digital Thermostat

If you’re finding yourself having trouble sleeping due to summer heat or just finding the perfect temperature inside your motorized home, you may want to think about a digital thermostat. The precise control of the temperature is life saver when you’re on the road for more than few days. Also, it doesn’t require you to invest too much money as there are many cheap and reliable options on the market.

LED Lighting

If you’re looking for a better, longer lasting source of light then LED lighting should be the first option to consider. This comes with many advantages such as improved visibility, safety, and a modern look.

When purchasing LED lights be aware that if you go with the cheapest option. You may find yourself with a low-quality product with no built in regulation circuitry and a not so bright color. To start thinking about it, you may want to take a look at http://www.starlightsinc.com/.


So your imagination is in high gear, fantasizing about visiting parts of the country you’ve only flown over. Now you’re ready to visit each of those spots, stopping along the way to make sure nothing is missed.

Well, joining the RV community will help you make it happen. But first, you should ask yourself if you know what kind of RV would be best for you. There are so many types of RVs in the market that someone with no experience or first-time owners could end making a big mistake.

You could choose an RV that doesn’t fit your needs or end up just paying too much.

Here at Crossing Creeks RV Resort, we made a comparison of the leading top 3 choices of RVs in the market based on your goals and price range:

Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer

These RVs are pulled behind your vehicle and not permanently connected. They range in size from 12 to 35 feet with a cost between $8,000 and $90,000. We recommend an SUV or other 4 wheel drive vehicle to tow the trailer, to make sure the vehicle's brakes and drivetrain can support pulling this load.

One of the main benefits of the travel trailer is surely the cost. You can end up saving a lot of money and have almost the same features of a smaller motorhome regarding living space and amenities (Up to 10 people). Also, travel trailers tend to hold their value for a longer time.

One thing to be careful about is the fact that these are not as easy to drive as you may think. You need to be aware of the fact that the trailer can move and shift on the road as you’re driving, especially at highway speeds. So you need to stay focused with no distractions. For longer drives, be sure to share the driving responsibility with others who are fresh.

Fifth Wheel RV

Fifth Wheel RV

Fifth Wheel RVs are also pulled behind your vehicle and not permanently connected. They range in size from 21 to 40 feet with a cost between $16,000 and $160,000. They need a full size truck with a bed or other 4 wheel drive vehicle to tow the trailer.

The Fifth Wheel option may be considered as the “Luxury” option when it comes to trailer selection. This vehicle can offer so many features and services and makes you feel like you’ve never left home.

Make sure to find lots of places to stop along the way so you don’t find yourself behind the wheel too long, as the heavy vehicle will surely keep your speed down. You also may be wondering about stability and safety. Good news is shifting and swaying are minimal, so you can enjoy your ride without any added stress.



MotorHome RVs are self-sufficient vehicles that don’t require a tow. They have their own engine, drivetrain, all integrated perfectly with the living area of the RV. They range in size from 21 to 40 feet with a cost between $60,000 and over $500,000. Some musicians and other high profile people who have to travel a lot can configure their Motorhome so that it costs over $1,000,000!

If pure luxury is what you’re looking for, MotorHomes are the best option. Space and amenities are top notch: a full kitchen area, separate bedrooms and other upgrades such as entertainment zones. These luxurious rolling homes are great for travelers who want all the creature comforts without having to worry about hotels and towing their own vehicle.

In the next blog post, we will make a comparison of the best MotorHomes models so that you can understand how to pick the right one for you. Let us know which specific model you would like us to review, and we will take it into consideration!



So you’re reminiscing about your recent trip in your RV, but the bills from the journey are making your heart beat a bit too fast.

If your RV adventures are giving you financial concerns, well you’re not alone. Living the RV lifestyle can be a dream, but the reality is it’s not cheap. If you don’t watch your budget and try to plan out the details of the trip, you could end up by spending way more than you thought.

Here at Crossing Creeks RV Resort, we made a list of the best tips to lower your expenses while enjoying your RV & doing what you love the most:

Fuel Savings

RV Fuel Saving

Fuel is one of the biggest components of your budget. Saving money on fuel may be tricky, but if you do some research and incorporate our tips in your daily routine, you will see how you can stretch your budget.

Using a trip cost calculator like the Gas Buddy app can let you quickly calculate fuel cost in advance or find stations with the lowest price.

If driving more than expected and wasting additional gas is not in your plans, try to spend some time memorizing the map and make sure you understand the directions.

Also, when selecting the route, try to prefer flat roads as you can save a significant amount of fuel. Driving through mountains consumes a lot of gas.

Watching your speed is another important factor. The faster you go, the more fuel you consume. That means more cash spent :(   


RV Maintenance

Getting to know your RV from a technical perspective can save you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. We suggest you buy a simple tool set and get to know your RV’s mechanical parts in detail.

Keeping your RV in good condition with scheduled service will save you from having to spend thousands of dollars on surprise breakdowns.


RV Parking

The first thing you should check is if you can locate free parking spots near the attractions you’re going to visit during your trip. If you don’t find any free option, make sure to check a listing of RV Clubs you can join. This kind of memberships will offer you consistent discounts for parking at hundreds of parks across the country.


RV Food

Eating out every day can be fun but is a good way to spend more without even noticing it. Cooking your meals in your RV can be fun too. Think about purchasing fresh food every day at the local organic markets and experiencing a wide variety of food every time. Also, it’s a healthier way of living since you know all the ingredients and you can control what you’re eating.


RV Entertainment

Do you really need all those Music, Cable and Magazine subscriptions? Everybody loves Netflix but checking how much you are spending for entertainment may save you a couple of hundred dollars. We suggest you make a list of all the subscriptions you don’t use and get rid of them. Think about which subscriptions you won’t be able to use while on the road.

We hope you found helpful our tips. If you use other tricks to save more money while on the road with your RV don't hesitate to let us know!


Are you a golf lover? Crossing Creeks RV Resort is ideally situated just minutes away from several challenging golf courses.

Here’s our guide to explore the best golf locations in the North Georgia mountains.

Butternut Creek Golf Course

Holes: 18

Par: 73

Length: 6536 yards

Slope: 121

Rating: 70,9

Distance from RV Resort: 3.3 miles

Looking for mountain views and professional level golf?

This 18 holes course, located in downtown Blairsville, is a real gem. Its unique design will make your trip unforgettable. At just 3.3 miles from Crossing Creeks RV Resort, you could enjoy a challenging course while enjoying the fantastic view of the Ivy Log Mountain.

Butternut Creek includes these amenities:

✓Carts     ✓Club Rentals     ✓Pro Shop ✓Professional Instructors   ✓Restaurant with Mountain Views


Butternut Creek Golf Course

Old Union Golf Course

Holes: 18

Par: 72

Length: 7667 yards

Slope: 0

Rating: 0,0

Distance from RV Resort: 8.3 miles

Looking for a links course where to test your irons game? The Old Union Golf Course may be the right choice. It’s the longest golf course in Georgia, and at just 8.3 miles away from the Crossing Creeks RV Resort, this course can be enjoyed by beginners to professionals.

With the backdrop of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, you will experience a true challenging and pleasurable round of golf.

Old Union includes these amenities:

✓Carts     ✓Club Rentals     ✓Pro Shop   ✓Practice Facilities


Old Union Golf Course


Brasstown Valley Golf Club & Resort

Holes: 18

Par: 72

Length: 6957 yards

Slope: 142

Rating: 73,5

Distance from RV Resort: 12.9 miles

Looking to enjoy breathtaking views, incredible mountain scenery, and a fun course? The Brasstown Valley Golf Club may be worth the trip. Ranked as the one top courses in Georgia and designed by Dennis Griffith, this course will let you taste the real golf experience. The facility also offers full practice options and a well-equipped Pro Shop.

When you’re done with your round, relax in their Equani spa or go for a relaxing five-mile ride on horseback on some beautiful trails.

Brasstown Valley includes these amenities:

✓Carts     ✓Club Rentals     ✓Pro Shop   ✓Practice facilities   ✓Lessons


Brasstown Valley Golf Club & Resort


Chatuge Shores Golf Course

Holes: 18

Par: 72

Length: 6687 yards

Slope: 123

Rating: 71,3

Distance from RV Resort: 17.5 miles

Looking for a fun course where to test your driving skills? Located just across the NC state line, it’s only 17.5 miles from the Crossing Creeks RV Resort. The Chatuge Shores Golf Course offers a fantastic view of the Chatuge Lake from many of its original holes. This amazing course will offer a challenge for players at any skill level.

The resort also offers tennis courts and a swimming pool to cool off and relax after a long day on the links.

Chatuge Shores includes these amenities:

✓Carts     ✓Club Rentals     ✓Pro Shop   ✓Practice Facilities


Chatuge Shores Golf Course

Tuesday, 02 May 2017 15:48

Top 4 Things To Do Near Blairsville

If you are an outdoor lover, Blairsville is definitely the right destination for you. Located in the northern part of Georgia, in the middle of the forest and surrounded by mountains, it offers a breathtaking view that you won’t easily forget.


Here at Crossing Creeks RV Resort, we made a list of the top things to do near our resort for all those nature lovers looking for amazing views and outdoor activities.


Visit at Brasstown Bald, The highest mountain in Georgia


The mountain is worth a visit just for its spectacular views. It’s a perfect location for family and friends where you can spend some time in full contact with nature. The mountain is the highest in Georgia and rises 4,784 feet above sea level.


What’s so special about its view is that is possible to see four different states on clear days. You can see Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget.


Get more information from this site.


Visit at Brasstown Bald, The highest mountain in Georgia



Hiking in Vogel State Park


This very ancient park is located in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest surrounded by the Blood Mountain. The main attraction of the park is its vast Lake Trahlyta that offers an amazing landscape for the visitors.

The park allows you to select between four main hiking trails depending on your ability level.  For all those nature lovers this is a must see if you’re around the area. Be sure to bring your comfy shoes!


Get more information here.


Hiking in Vogel State Park



Horseback riding tours


Imagine yourself sitting high up above the trails on a horse while in the middle of the forest experiencing the natural beauty of the Georgia Mountains. The tour is designed to be a private ride just for you and your family and friends.


You can decide what kind of ride you want to do, from an easy trot to a fast gallop. You can select the trail you like the most to make the ride as enjoyable as possible for you and your family members. If you are looking to spend some fun time in contact with nature you should give it a try.


Get more information from http://www.astepabovestables.com/ or https://trackrock.com/.


Horseback riding tours



Wine Tasting at Odom Springs Vineyards


This family owned estate winery, located in the Appalachian Mountains, offer different wines depending on the different soil conditions where the grapes grow. Their different qualities range from a fruity blush wine of the Creekside to a semi-sweet white wine of Hillside.


You will find yourself in a serene and relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy your time with your friends tasting many different high-quality wines.


Find more information on the winery here.


Wine Tasting at Odom Springs Vineyards

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