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Monday, 16 November 2015 17:27

RV Living is Becoming the New Alternative Lifestyle

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Retirement… Once this milestone is reached, many retirees take a look at what they have in terms of responsibilities, what they want to do with their new found freedom, and the options available to get them where they want to go. One of the choices that is on the rise with retirees is RV living. It's no longer just a way to travel around in comfort to see the sights, but a total lifestyle change.

About the RV Lifestyle

If you've never been an RV traveler, you're probably asking what exactly is the difference between RV traveling and an RV lifestyle. With travel, you take your recreational vehicle to parks, campgrounds, RV resorts, or be a renegade and go completely off the grid. You do this for weekend getaways or extended vacations to see the sites and attractions, have an adventure, then come home and park your RV until your next planned outing.

rv in desertWith RV living, your recreational vehicle becomes your home base at a park in a location like Crossing Creeks. The beauty of RV living is that you have the freedom to pick up and go whenever you want, heading off into the wild blue yonder wherever you want to go and for however long you want to stay. With RV living, there are no boundaries and no ties to hold you down, and this is why it is a sought after alternative for retirees currently living in brick and mortar homes.

If you've ever longed to experience new places, explore roads less traveled, and feel the sand between your toes anytime you want, then the RV lifestyle may be what you're looking for.

Benefits of RV Living

The most obvious reason to choose this lifestyle is the option to come and go at your leisure. With RV living, you can choose an RV resort park, purchase a lot and set up housekeeping until you're ready to hit the road for some travel time. If your lifestyle includes spending part of the year at the resort park, and part of the year on the road, you can rent your lot at Crossing Creeks while you're away.

You’ll have the freedom to spend the winter at your favorite ski destination or soak up some rays at the beach. Where and when you stay at any given time of the year is your decision because there's nothing to stop you. No house to worry about, no plane tickets to buy, no hotel reservations to make; just you and your fully equipped RV making tracks down the highway.

Things You Need to Know About RV Living

Along with satisfying the travel bug any time you please, there are additional benefits that make this lifestyle so desirable. While your brick and mortar home may be cozy and comfortable, it may not have all of the amenities you'll have access to at Crossing Creeks.

Imagine getting up every day and having access to a sparkling pool, enjoying a workout in our spa and fitness center, relaxing with a message, or playing a round of tennis on our courts. Also add in beyond the onsite amenities; a calendar of scheduled events and the opportunity to make new friends at social gatherings!

Things to Consider

rv lifestyle mountains

If you choose RV living fulltime, there are things you’ll still be responsible for once your RV becomes your home base. While RVing may seem like an economical choice, it does have set expenses, just like a regular home. Below is a short list of the basic expenses you’ll incur as a fulltime RVer.

  • Monthly loan payment on the RV unless you were able to pay cash outright for the purchase
  • Insurance for the RV
  • Annual maintenance and upkeep
  • Park or resort fees while traveling
  • Payment for resort lot
  • Gas, propane, any sewage or electric hookup fees
  • Phone, satellite, and internet service
  • Insurance for any vehicle you tow

Planning Your Next Move to Freedom

Start with down-sizing and selling, donating, or giving away all the "stuff" you've accumulated. Rent a storage shed if necessary, but getting rid of non-essential items is a must. Follow that with organizing finances and planning a budget. Consider joining an RV organization that provides services such as mail forwarding, and find out about residency requirements if necessary.

Once you've embraced the idea of fulltime RV living, get in the fast lane and make it happen. 

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