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Friday, 11 December 2015 15:12

Unique State Road Laws That RVers Should Know

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It's frustrating, but road rules can vary from state to state and it's up to you to know them all. Keep these helpful tips in mind as you drive across the country. You can't learn every crazy law, but you can make a short list of reminders for yourself on your dashboard.


vt double yellowVermont - Passing Allowed on Double Yellow

This state allows cars to pass on a double yellow line when it is safe. The law was created due to the lack of passing zones in some areas of the state, and the abundance of slow-moving farm vehicles on these same backroads. According to Vermont.gov: “It may be legal to cross a double yellow line in Vermont, but it is rarely a good idea except at very low speeds and must be done with extreme care.”

So if you are cruising down one of the beautiful state routes and you have a sports car fly past you, don't get upset. Also be aware that there are long winding sections of road that don't have passing zones, so if you are driving slowly in an RV and you notice a line of cars piling up behind you, it might be courteous of you to pull over when you have a chance to let them by.

440px RightonredNew York City - No Turning Right on Red

You can't do it under any circumstances, even if there's no sign indicating that you can't. There are only a few places where a right turn on red is allowed and you will see signs indicating this. While the busiest part of Manhattan may not seem like the best destination in your RV, you can definitely get a lot out of both town and country when you're traveling. Just don't forget this little fact for the busiest town there is.

Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, and Massachusetts - No Hazard Lights While Driving

At least, not while you're driving anyway. In other states, it's an indicator that your may have something wrong with your car, like you're on a spare tire or you're hauling something very heavy. In these states though, you'll only want to use these if you have to make an emergency roadside stop. Don't get pulled over for something so preventable.

Cell Phone Laws by State

If you are driving a motorhome you probably shouldn't be texting and driving regardless of which state you are in. You will find a mixture of distracted driving and texting while driving laws around our country. Click on the image below and you'll be taken to an interactive map where you can view the laws on a state-by-state basis.

cell laws rv


Towing Laws

Got a fifth wheel that you are towing across the country? Interested in triple towing? Find out what kind of restrictions each state is placing on your travel while you are towing. Click on the map below (from brakebuddy.com) to see an interactive map of towing restrictions related to your RV.

towing laws

There is a great app for RVers that we recommend you download for your next trip. It is called State Lines and it will fill you in on all kinds of information that changes from state to state, including radar detector laws, dog leash laws, standard speed limits, and other road laws. It is available for Apple and Android phones.

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